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Bike Fit

What qualifies us to bike fit you?  We are Fit Kit Advanced Level Certified, Trained in Custom Bike Sizing and Fitting by Waterford Precision Cycles. We bring 25 years of training, racing and building bikes to your service.  We utilize our Waterford Fitmaster bike to replicate desired custom or stock builds or simply dial in an exacting fit.  Fit Kit protocol sets the stage for a sound dynamic fit tailored with the eye of Max Lippolis, life long cyclist and bicycle guru.

Bike fitting is a subject most people find quite mysterious.  The fact is, high priced software and electronically moving sizing bikes still depends on the technician using his/her experience and communication ability to extract all the necessary information to start the developmental fit.  There is no absolute fit!  Every fit evolves, begs for more answers, asks for adjustments and takes time to feel snug like a custom-made shirt.photo 1

Bike fit involves balance; balance between comfort and performance, quick acceleration and handling stability, achieving top speed and “taking in the scenery”.  Your body contacts the bicycle in three areas: your hands, your seat, and your feet. The relative positions of feet, seat and hands determine your comfort and efficiency on the bike.

There is no substitute for a fitter clearly understanding your needs, having you measured correctly, observed with scrutiny and implementing a sound fundamental practice into a Fit that gets you where you want to be without pain.

Our philosophy is simple; every rider is entitled to a good bike fit and with every new bike we sell, a Bike Fit Assessment and adaptation is included.  We understand that different riders have different needs and we’ve sculpted 2 Fit levels to satisfy those who desire more technician interface and simply greater analysis into the bio-dynamics of more strenuous activities.


Essential Bike Fit:  $89 (approx. 45min)

This Fit captures most of the essential data required to create a sound biomechanical position on your bike.  It’s really ideal for the cyclist who has never been Fit on a bike or doesn’t have as much muscle memory and seeks the essential position required for the safe and efficient logging of miles.  It includes:


  • A basic interview to determine your current and desired biking style
  • A “Soft Score” of flexibility and other collected pertinent information
  • Hard measurements of your body dimensions
  • A mock up of the recommended position with your bike set on a trainer, a potential new bike or if necessary, on our Waterford Fitmaster sizing bike to let you “feel” the Fit.  It includes adjustments on any of your current components to get you as close to your recommended Fit as possible.
  • Bike size and model recommendations along with your sizing data are given
  • 50% refundable towards the purchase of a new bike
  • Labor for swapping of any components is additional


 Dynamic Bike Fit: $199 (approx. 1.5hr)

You get all of the Essential Fit above with a much greater analysis and consultation.  This bike fit assumes a slightly more experienced rider with greater muscle memory seeking more performance analysis of position due to prolonged miles on the bike.  Your current position is observed while you are riding and riding style on your bike is evaluated for tendencies and the specifications of equipment and current Fit are recorded.  Includes labor to try different saddles or stems on your Recommended Fit as we make adjustments on your current bike.  We also provide you with the hard data and a plan to “cook” your Bike Fit into place.  Includes 2 follow up visits in-shop with further consultation and adjustments within 60 days.

  • 50% refundable towards the purchase of a new bike.
  • You receive a copy of your Dynamic Fit Analysis
  • 2nd bike analysis and adjustment for only $69
  • Labor to change major parts including cranks or handlebars is additional (stems and saddles, no charge)

photo 2

“Working with Max to build my new bike was nothing short of extraordinary.  His attention to detail, follow up and thorough understanding of how to properly fit me for my bike exceeded any bike shop experience I have ever had.  His assessment of my needs was critical to get that just right fit for me.

Thanks Max!!”John L, Rye, New York (November 2011)