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Bicycle Consignment

Bicycle Consignment: Parts, Wheels, Bikes, Framesusedbikes

We can handle the sale of your pre-owned frame, bicycle or components.  Minimum lot size requirement with appraised value of all items is approx. $750.

How the Bicycle Consignment process works:

Upon inspection of your bicycle equipment, we normally take the items with us, do a basic clean up on them, take pictures and either make them available for sale through our client network or attempt sales on Craigslist or ebay.  We also research to find the best way to list the item, provide all the manufacturer specs and handle all the inquiries/questions.  It’s best that we have the equipment because so many of the questions that come in are very detailed, etc.  We handle packaging shipping, etc.  Whatever the item sells for is the Gross (which is the sale plus the quoted shipping charge) combined.  Our commission is 25% of items $100 Gross or over and 30% of items under $100 Gross.  We back out all the selling expenses.  If it is wheels, bike trainer, a frame, full bicycle or another bulky item, flat 30% Commission.  Reason is these bulky items are more labor intensive than selling a crank.  You get a spreadsheet that we put together which has all the expenses related to the sale and then we then send a check to you for the Net Net $.   Seller absorbs any listing fees should the item not sell or needs to be re-listed (this is unusual but can happen).  You usually get a copy of the spreadsheet a few days after the sales are done but a check comes a few weeks after in case there are any issues with the buyer.   We do reserve the right to not accept items or lots based on the salability of them.


So do I get 70% of the sale of my $500 frame?

Yes, you get 70% of the Gross sale less the expenses.  For example:

$500=ebay sale price

$50=stated shipping charge to buyer

$550= Gross Sale

$165= 30% Commission

$385= Net

$39=Actual shipping cost to customer

$1.85=Ebay listing fee.  Varies based on number of pictures, style of listing, etc

$55.00= Ebay fees of 10% of Gross (Max $250 fee). Not necessary if local sale.

$16.25=Paypal fee of 2.9%+.30 of Gross to receive payment.  3.9% if sold int’l.



So your fee is 25 or 30% of the Gross sale?

It will depend on the selling price plus the stated shipping charge to the buyer.  If the items’ gross receipts for both of these is $100 or less, our commission is 30%.  If the gross receipts are over $100, then our commission is $25%. (except for large or bulky items as noted above which are all 30%)

Are there any other costs to me?

The only exception is for parts, frames or bicycles that are extremely dirty or greasy and may need some reconditioning or replacement parts to prepare them for sale.  This is only in extreme cases.  It can be quite labor intensive to perform a full re-conditioning to make an item sellable.  Liken it to having your car detailed and waxed before you put in on the market so it gets closer to its’ book value.  This fee will vary depending on the depth of the dirt but somewhere between $5-$50.